Design of X-ray machiens placement

The specialists of our company has a wide experience in projects of X-ray inspection offices (ray examination machine (REM) placement). Faced with different situations, we can offer an optimal solution that provides security and reduces costs. The project complies with the requirements of Federal Service and allows the rapid approval.
Why do I need a project?
- The project is needed in accordance with SanPiN "Hygienic requirements for radiation safety in handling Radiation Inspection System" Section 6.1. All stationary REM are placed according to the project developed by the project organization with a valid license for the appropriate type of work, in the presence of sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on the compliance of the REM placement project requirements to sanitary regulations.


Stages of the design work:

1. You send us a request by e-mail or phone. It is advisable to send the floor plan and brand of equipment, but it can be done at a later stage of work.
2. The signing of the contract and prepay.
3. We arrive at place for collection of baseline data, perform measurements of space, determining the thickness and composition of walls, floors. We determine the purpose of the adjacent rooms and also collect a number of data that will be important for the development of the project (the expert will tell you about it). Raw data can be transferred to us without arriving of our expert. Such way is important for distant scenes (for example, in this way we carry out projects in Chukotka).
4. We develop the project and pass it to you with applied our SRO license.

5. If you need to get sanitary-epidemiological conclusion to work with ionizing radiation sources, we can perform this work and Licensing.

6. If you need to buy equipment, to carry out its installation and maintenance, detailed information you can find here - equipment.

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