Design of X-ray protective chambers for Х-ray radiography

The specialists of our company has a wide experience in projects of X-ray rooms amd offices, laboratoties, laboratory of X-ray inspection. Faced with different situations, we can offer the best solution that ensures the safety and saving customer's money.
Stages of the design work:
  1. You send us a requet by e-mail or phone. It is preferable to send the floor plan and brand of equipment, but it can be done at a later stage of work.
  2. The signing of the contract and prepay.
  3. We arrive at place for collection of baseline data, perform measurements of space, determining the thickness and composition of walls, floors. We determine the purpose of the adjacent rooms and also collect a number of data that will be important for the development of the project (the expert will tell you about it). Raw data can be transferred to us without arriving of our expert. Such way is important for distant scenes (for example, in this way we carry out projects in Chukotka).
  4. We develop the project and pass it to you with applied our SRO license.
  5. If you need to get sanitary-epidemiological conclusion to work with ionizing radiation sources, we can perform this work and Licensing.
  6. If you need to buy equipment, to carry out its installation and maintenance, detailed information you can find here - equipment.


Useful information:
Composition, number and size of the laboratory facilities are determined depending on the presence and purpose of the vehicles, their technical parameters as well as the scope and nature of the works. The laboratory consists of the following premises:
  • protective chamber (if fixed devices);
  • console area of ​​not less than 10 m2 (if fixed devices);
  • fotoroom (if necessary) of the area not less than 10 m2;
  • staff quarters, processing of results and storage of films;
  • sanitary facilities.

The laboratory provides space to accommodate the radiation safety service (the person, responsible for radiation safety).

The dimensions of the glove box are selected so that the distance from the device to the chamber walls is not less than 1 m, and its free of technological equipment (machine, transmission product, accessories) area - not less than 10 m2. When in the glove box several fixed devices are used, this area should be increased for not less than 10 m2 for each additional unit installed.
In cases when the organization along with radiographic inpatient work is using also portable X-ray machines, a special room for storage of vehicles and spare parts to them should be included as part of the laboratory at the rate of 3 m2 per unit, but not less than 10 m2.
Radiation protection of the glove box is performed so that for any admissible operating conditions of the placed equipment, the dose of X-rays at 10 cm from any accessible point of the external surface of the chamber, including safety devices of technological holes for supplying products to the translucence and the front doors, does not exceed 2, 5 mSv / h.
Requirements for radiation protection of the floor of the glove box, located on the first floor (in the absence of an underlying basement) are not esteblished.
Raying parts in a glove box without protective of the ceiling as "en closure" is allowes with the condition that the dose of X-rays in the workplace or section of the department workers assigned to the staff of Group B, does not exceed 2.5 mSv / h.
In the glove box easily accessible emergency stop device is placed for high voltage and a ban on its inclusion.
On the remote control unit and above the entrance to the protective camera the light display with warning signs are pleaced, such as "X-raying", etc.., which lights up when the high voltage on and off after the knockouts.
In the glove box the sound and (or) light alarm are set, warning you to immediately leave the working chamber before turning on the machine. Minimum time between switching the alarm and the possibility of turning on the unit should be sufficient to release a person from the glove box, or use by the person of the emergency shutdown of high voltage.


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