Getting the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on the radiation source.
Medical Licensing.


We assist businesses in obtaining necessary licenses and documents.
When you open X-ray room - you need sanitary-epidemiological conclusions on the use of ionizing radiation sources and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions on pre-hospital care for radiographic studies. These documents are issued by Rospotrebnadzor.
When you open medical clinic - you need license for medical activities. Also we help with license renewal, extension (the introduction of additional activities).
License for medical activity is needed for companies, providing medical services, according to the list of works and services providing appropriate medical care - Health Minister Order of May 10, 2007 № 323. The license for medical activities is issued by the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development. License for medical practice provided for 5 years. Validity of the license can be extended in the manner prescribed for the renewal of the license.
Medical License for commercial organizations, registered and conducting business in Moscow, is issued by the Department of Health in Moscow. For the Moscow region companies, a license is issued by the Ministry of Health for Moscow region.
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