Answers to your questions

Why do I need a project?
- X-ray radiation is dangerous to humans. To preserve health of staff and patients, intelligent location of equipment and calculation of X-ray defence is needed. In addition, the project is needed to get sanitary-epidemiological conclusion to work with sources of ionizing radiation. Proper design allows to reduce costs of construction and installation works.
If we are not in Moscow?
- We have experience in design of the objects located in different cities of the country. Even in Chukotka. You should provide the basic data for design and we will send you the layout design by mail.
Do you have a license?
- Yes, we do. To design the placement of sources of ionizing radiation and radiation protection, Rospotrebnadzor license is required. To design the technological solutions for public buildings requires SRO license in required. We have all necessary documents.
What is the price for design?
- In most cases, the price is determined individually. To do this, you need to contact our expert - сontacts. 
We have an inspection in near future and the project is needed urgently. How fast can you run it?
- Call us - contact us and we will work out the project as quickly as possible.
In addition to the project of X-ray office we need architectural design and project engineering systems. Are you doing such projects?
- Yes, we can make design "turnkey". We develop a section "Technological solutions", "Architectural decisions", "Constructive solutions" and all projects of engineering systems (electricity, ventilation, water supply, etc.)
Can you get the appraval on the project from the relevant authoriries ?
- Yes, we are engaged in the coordination of projects for the city of Moscow (SPC Medical Radiology) and the Moscow Region (MONICA).
We would like to obtain a license for the use of ionizing radiation sources. Can you help?
- Yes, we can get the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion to work with ionizing radiation sources and radiology first aid and medical license. We have experience in producing a wide variety of approvals.
Still have clarifying questions - please call us and our experts will answer - contact us.