About us

Alfaproekt - design organization, whose core business is development of architectural projects, design solutions for construction, project engineering services (both internal and external), special sections of project documentation. We work out separate sections of the project and perform functions of the general designer.
We have performed thousands of projects throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. The geography of our projects spreads from Kaliningrad to Chukotka.


Our studio has the certificate of admission to the design works for documentation preparation, that have an impact on the safety of capital construction objects, including the particularly dangerous and technically complicated works (SRO). We have received Rospotrebnadzor license for placement of ionizing radiation sources, design of radiation protection means of ionizing radiation sources.
We consider one of our main goals minimizing our customers costs for construction and subsequent operation of the facility construction. We are able to achieve this goal without losing the aesthetic value and functionality of the object.
For us there are no uninteresting objects. We are interested in design regardless of its volume.
Our design studio performs the following activities:
- Design objects of individual and public purpose
- Development of projects for new construction, renovation and reconstruction (redevelopment) of objects of individual and public purpose
- Architectural solutions
- Constructive solutions
- Technological solutions
- Heating and ventilation
- Internal water supply and sewerage
- Electrical equipment
- Signaling and communication
- Development of projects for repair, reconstruction and re-equipment of urban engineering facilities
- Development  project sections on construction organization and works production
- Movement Management Project
- Construction Management Project
Projects of X-ray rooms, MRI  offices, CT offices, etc.
We use licensed software. Graphic software AutoCAD, NanoCAD. Calculated complexes Lira, FLC complex, etc.