Prices for design works

Project "Technological Solutions"

Price, rub. VAT included

Standard X-rays office or X-ray dental office with radiovisiography or orthopantomograph

 from 28 000

However, when a larger number of machines in the same office

 30 000 + 5 000 for 1 unit

X-ray room for 2 or 3 workplaces

individually (the final price only after verification)

Computed tomography (CT), magnetic imaging (MRI)

individually (the final price only after verification)

Project location of Ray Inspection System, X-ray flaw detector, etc.

individually (the final price only after verification)

Coordination of the project in the MONICA (for the Moscow region)

Included in the price of the project

Coordination of the project in the SPC Medical Radiology (for Moscow)6

 6500 and 10000 (fast)


What is a project "Technological solutions"?
- This project is planning location of equipment with the maximum functionality and safety for X-ray examination. Calculation of protection materials is made and recommendations for additional protection are given, if necessary. Finishing materials are described and tasks assigned to the connection of engineering systems are given. This section of the project is necessary for coordination and approval or obtaining a license.
What other projects may be needed and why?
- If a part of this equipment is quite heavy position, based on the overlap, you may need strengthening. For example, in one of the clinics for the installation of the turntable, tripod (1 ton), we have developed a project to distribute the load floor slab for load-bearing capacity.
- Also for the construction, the project of power supply and lighting could be needed, water supply and sanitation, ventilation and air conditioning, communications and security. Our advantage is that we carry out such projects in the complex. You will get the final result.
- For new construction or remodeling, the part "Architectural solutions" could be needed. It contains the optimal layout of the premises, the number of emergency exits, finishing facilities, etc. Our experts have wide experience in designing medical clinics and could offer the best plan, taking into account many technical nuances.
- If in addition to the functionality, you would like to have more beautiful and stylish interior, our designers will perform this work.


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