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What you need to know the organization X-ray unit in the hospital

Publication date: 04.08.2013
Useful information when ordering rentgenkabinetom project in response to the questions:
The room is a space you need for rentgenkabinetom?
- The area depends on the type of cabinet. Area office for placement of dental sighting device (digital) should not be less than 6 square meters. m., for orthopantomograph (digital) - not less than 8 square meters. m., for two devices - not less than 12 square meters.
Is it possible to place dental sighting device (radiovisiograph) in the dental office?
- Yes, you can. In the dental office may be located X-ray machine for sighting shots with digital image receivers that do not require photofinishing processing, and the workload to 40 (mA × min) / week. Accommodation orthopantomograph in the dental office is not permitted. X-ray machine in the dental office is only for patient care of the cabinet. Additional space to accommodate the X-ray machine in the dental office, meet sanitary standards are not required. Also, do not impose additional requirements on lighting, ventilation, heating.
Can I put rentgenkabinetom in a building?
- Dental devices with ordinary film without intensifying screen and panoramic machines can only be distributed in the X-ray department (office) medical facility general medical or dental profile.
Dental apparatus and pantomografy working with a highly sensitive receiver image (no darkroom) and dental devices with digital image processing, the workload does not exceed 40 (mA min) / week, may be placed in the room dental institutions located in a residential building in t. h. in the adjacent living quarters.
Do we need additional protection walls?
- To answer this question it is necessary to perform a calculation rentgenzaschity. This calculation is a part of our project. We give out recommendations for protection.
What protected the walls and ceilings?
- Protection can be implemented by increasing the thickness of the walls and an additional sheet lead, barite plaster. In the project, we select the best solution to ensure the protection and minimize the cost of this type of work.
Do sink?
- Indoors procedural necessarily have to be a sink with eyeliner hot and cold water.
Where else can you find information on the requirements for the X-ray room?
- SanPin "Hygienic requirements for the construction and operation of X-ray rooms, equipment and carrying out X-ray examinations"